Stroke of Midnight

Where were you last night when 2021 turned into 2022? Is that where you’d wanted to be?

So writing this at the start of 2022 when it feels like 2020 hasn’t finished yet, is a bit weird. The global pandemic has been a test for us all, and although as a family we have been affected, it is not as much as some; For this I am truly thankful.

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2021 has been and gone

Last Year

Pandemic aside, last year was a good year.

Personally: I’m happy. Great family. We passed 20 years of marriage. (Phew, where did that go?!) Two marvellous boys who are growing up so quick, and learning and achieving in ways I never expected. So proud.

Professionally: it has been one of our best within the business. Good revenue. Launching some great additions to our web hosting platform. Streamlining processes. And taking on our first employee. All very positive.

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The new year has arrived

This year

What does 2022 hold? There is a joke currently doing the rounds that it is not 2022, but actually 2020 too! I truly hope this is not the case and science is able to get a grip on this pandemic. Although I think one of the hardest parts to that is getting people to understand that to beat this we need to all do our part. Whether that be getting vaccinated to minimise our chance of hospitalisation, demanding more from our politicians to do the right thing, (Both by following the scientific advice to make the right decisions, minimising rampant corruption, and, in the words of The Specials “To be upright, decent and honest.”), or by individually calling our disinformation whenever we see it.

Professionally, we have some great things planned for the business. More streamlining, more optimisation, and some exciting new projects. Watch this space!

In addition, I would like to continue learning. I know working in IT seems like an industry that is always changing, however beyond the usual changed, it would be great to learn new avenues and not just stick to the usual comfort zone.

Personally, I would like a greater focus of health and trim the extra waistline that the pandemic has gracefully handed to me! Time to get on and stay on that treadmill.

I also see 2022 as a year to get out more, visiting further afield and not just the usual haunts.


I do have a lot to be thankful for, but I do also have a lot to strive for. In the great line from Meet the Robinsons “Keep moving forward!”

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