Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).

Dave and Ralf were talking. Quietly. Hidden away. They felt they had been locked in here forever. Had to find a way out. Were building their plan to escape.

Dave thought he had an idea how they could make this work but wanted to get the lay of the land from Ralf’s point of view. The only snag was the gate; It was always locked. How could they get past that impenetrable security feature that has stopped them so many times before?

Quickly they had to stop what they were doing as the guard was doing their rounds to check the perimeter. This is a common occurrence but there seems to be no rhyme or reason for their timings; No structure at all. This time seemed different…

The guard walked out into the recreation yard and from the other wall, pulled a rope across the space. “What’s going on?” they thought, “What’s changed?”

Another guard came out, with a rack full of freshly cleaned laundry, to greet the first. Together they began to hang this on the newly strung rope.

closeup photography of gray metal gate keyhole
Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash

“This is our moment.” Ralf thought as he quickly gestured towards the gate “While they’re distracted.”

In a flash they were there, but try as they might they might the security was beyond them. They just couldn’t break the lock. Even brute force, pushing and pulling, they couldn’t get through.

By this time, the guards had finished and, returning to the main building, spotted the two misbehaving at the gate. “Oh no, our game’s up!” thought Dave.

But the guards the guards didn’t come straight at them. Instead they did return to the main building and quickly came back out. “What’s that in their hand” thought Ralf, “What are they going to do to us?”.

With lead and collar in hand, the guard said “Come on then boys. Who’s ready for walkies?”

“WooHoo. At last” thought Dave and Ralf, wagging their tails.

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