Pat on the back

Tell someone just how proud you are.

Well this one is easy. Let’s set the scene…

20 years ago (well in two weeks time), unknown to me my life would change beyond everything I knew! At the time I was young and responsibility-free and just working a warehouse “picking and packing” job that I didn’t care about. Everything was easy and my only personal concerns were what I wanted to do next. The turn of the millennium had just passed.

Then along came August and one of the “guys” from the warehouse team was planned to be married and I was invited to the evening reception. Celebrating the wedding and having a few beers with the lads. Looking around the room, there were some usual faces that I recognised from the Groom’s side, and some that I didn’t from the Bride’s side.

As the dance floor started to fill, there were a few of us having a good time and bopping along to the latest tunes, when I had a tap on the shoulder from a friend and as I turned he called over to a girl. With a quick Neil this is Gema, and Gema this is Neil to introduce us, he disappeared. With that my life would not be the same. 15 months later, and after chasing her back to México(!), we were married in a civil service in Querétaro, MX.

white, red, and green buntings
Photo by Omar Corona on Unsplash

The next steps…

After that, we decided to settle in the UK and now have what I was going to call “boys” but everyday they seem nearer to young men, happily married and growing a business together.

So getting around to the title of this blog…. “Tell someone you’re proud of just how proud you are.”

The funny thing is is that Gema doesn’t know that I have started this blog, and this will be the first article she reads!

Gema, what I wanted to write, and honestly don’t say it enough is how proud I am of you. Moving to another country. Keeping me straight in thought and deed. And the greatest mother, bringing up our two boys together.

Without you my life would not be the same. And would definitely have less enchilada’s in it! You have brightened my days. You keep us together and as it’s our usual Friday night, I am sooo looking forward to our glass of red! I love you to bits. x

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