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Welcome to my personal site that’ll cover 365 days of writing prompts

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SEO Consultant in Stratford upon Avon

A WordPress Developer improving my content writing

I have always been technical. Happy with maths, science, coding. All a breeze. But when it came to language I struggled. It’s always been something that I have to get into the zone. To find my flow.

That’s where the “365 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS” came in. (Published by WordPress[.]com download). I will be using this to force myself to write something everyday for a year. Let’s see what it goes….

On a day-to-day basis, as an SEO Consultant in Stratford upon Avon, I help small businesses get up and sprinting

Website Development

We are putting together a cracking team to make sure you have the right digital presence to take you next steps

Digital Training

We run group and individual training session to ensure you have the right knowledge to succeed with your business online

WordPress Web Hosting

I’m the technical director behind EncodeDotHost where we make sure your website stays online and stays fast

Gus Bhandal - Social Media Guru COventry


Neil is simply brilliant. His technical know-how is so deep; his knowledge is second-to-none; and he’s a super nice guy – nothing is too much trouble, and I have never given him an issue that he cannot fix. Neil has taken a huge weight off my shoulders by being the go-to guy for my website, as well as helping me to add a revenue stream to my business. I can only imagine that Neil’s mind is like Iron Man’s computer Jarvis… just a lot more intelligent.

– Gus @theMGuru

Jan Gilllett


As an inexperienced WordPress user responsible for quickly developing a website for leamingtoncafesci.org I was fortunate to find Neil to host our new site and support me in building it. The site has been instrumental in our surviving the impact of GDPR on our mailing process and then in building our followers from a couple of dozen to over 200, and being able to convert to Zoom during shutdown. Thanks Neil

– Jan @Judge for the CQI’s “Quality Professional of the Year” award 2019

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